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Automatic Aluminum Foil Paper rolling Die Cutting Machine

Automatic Aluminum Foil Paper Cutting Machine is designed for die cutting aluminum foil ,aluminum foil paper or other simlilar  rolling material .

1.This Gerson machine can feed single or muti-layers material such as aluminum foil ,aluminum foil paper or other simlilar  rolling material .

2.It is automatic feed the material and cutting special cutting size with the required die mould for production using.

3.Adopted the balanceable set of three cylinders , which can accelerate the stroke speed
between top and bottom and enhance the production efficiency.

4.In fact,This die cutting machine can be for die cutting Foam, textiles, and plastics,Rubber, packings, and vinyl Leather, composites, and fiberglass,Vinyl and carpet floor tiles,Cork, wood, and gasket materials.

5.Any speical requirement,such as bed size,cutting force ,automatic type etc., ,welcome contact Gerson .

Model GRB(C)-25,30,35,40,50,60,80,100,150,200,300,500
Cutting Force 25 tons to 500 tons
Cutting table Size 1200*600mm to 2500mm*2500mm
Tension Distance 50-230mm
Voltage  220V,380V,480V etc.,
Motor Power 1.5Kw-22Kw
N.W(approx.) 1500 -16500kg
G.W(approx.) 1600-17500kg
Hydraulic Oil Quantiy 200L
 Color Custom build
Feeding type Custom build

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