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EPS Self-Adhesive Mesh Cutting Machine

Gerson die cutting machine does well in designing and manufacturing for EPS Self-
Adhesive Meshalso as well as including:Seat Covers, Leather Hide, Dash Mats, Sun
Visors, Air Bags etc.
Besides the above materials,The mesh fabric also including:Athletic Mesh,Dive
Mesh,Sport Mesh,Mini Mesh,Power Mesh,Medium Poly Mesh,Mosquito
Netting,Trampoline Fabric,Cargo Netting,Leno Mesh,Multi-Color Textile etc.

1.The range is from smallest 25 Ton to the largest 500 Tons.
2.Cutting are from 800x500mm to any size according material requirement.
3.Die Cut materials in single or multiple layers
4.Blade upward or downward cutting
5.Four column, with two cylinder construction
6.Double mechanical balancing system
7.Even cutting and full power across complete cutting area
8.Heavy duty construction
9.Low deflection
10.Two stage press closure reduces size variation or distortion in 12.thick or multi-ply
material applications
11.Steel to steel cutting available with optional equipment
12.Accept customized requirement .
Option equipment tools:
1.Inboard and outboard material conveyors
2.Manual tool rails
3.Pneumatic adjustable tool rails
4.Board rails to clamp cutting board to press head
5.Material feed rollers
6.Automatic knock-out systems
7.Material alignment
8.Automatic cutting pad shifter
9.Edge sensing
10.Automatic tool changing
11.Tool racking
12.Material feed gantries and many other options.

Model GRBC-25T to 500T
Max cutting force(T) From 25T to 500
Distance between upper press board andworktable(mm) 50-240
Cutting area(mm) 1250×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500
1470×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500
1600×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500
Motor power 1.5 to 22KW
Machine Net weight (KG) 1600 to 16500
1700 to 17500
1800 to 18500

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