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Felt Gaskets cutting machine

Felt Gaskets cutting machine

Felt Gaskets cutting machine is suitable for die cutting soft industrial gasket, pads, insulation parts, seals, shims, spacers and washer material . These material including Sponge Rubbers, Foams, Plastics, Corks, Fibers, Felts, Silicones and Poron. Urethanes, Phenolics, Cork/Rubber Compositions, Mylar, Vinyl, Kapton, Polypropylene, and Nomex etc. We have two types for selection: manual and auto CNC type.

Key Feature
1. Manual type: mechanical and hydraulic modes can be chosen with desired formats and sizes. The former can be fully controlled by the operators and the latter ensures large output.
2. Auto CNC type: applicable to gaskets, pads, washers. Precise cutting die, superb program, large cutting platform makes for quite high efficiency, quality, and output.
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Model GR, GRM, GRA, GRB (A)
Max Cutting Force 8 to 300T
Cutting table Width 800 x 400mm to 3500mm x 3000mm
Customization is available.