Die Cutting Press Machine Manufacturer For Sale

Hydraulic clicker cutting press for leatherwork and saddlery

Hydraulic clicker cutting press for saddlery and leatherwork is good machinery designed and manufactured by Gerson company.It is welcomed to use by saddlery workers .It is good for leatherwork and instead of hand cutting.

1.The die cut machine have several version for soft materials in saddlery product range.Eaven it can be used for cutting up to large size of saddle leather.

2.The machine is hydraulic drived .No need much power ,just press the button .the press can be required down to cut the material by the die mould. Gerson can make the die according to the customers drawing.

3.It is easy to change the cutting die for different size pieces .

4.There have a piece of cutting board to click against.It is equiped together with the machine when you receive the machine .

5. Gerson can do any special specifications including long stroke, large cutting area, big cutting force ,auto feed etc.

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