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Volleyball Knee Pads Cushion Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Volleyball Knee Pads Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine is one of the die cutting machine  manufactured by Gerson machienry.It is good hydraulic machine for making Elbow pad , Shoulder pad,Volleyball Knee Pads Cushion etc., There have manual and automatic cutting machine .The following is manual feed cutting machine.

1.Double hand and easy operation by any worker.
2.All machinery parts are made of hardened steel and are self-lubricating
3.It is easily change the die for any size.
4.Different height cutting die without adjustment
5.The cutitng table and cutting force can be customed by Gerson based on requirement.
6.Any question or inquiry contact sales department any time.

Model GSB,GR,GRA,GRB serials
Maximum   Cutting Force 8Tons-500Tons or More
Cutting speed 0.085m/s
Adjustable stroke 5-300mm or more
Tension distance 60-350mm or more
Cuttting table size 650×330mm to 3000mm×2500mm
size 660×780×1500mm to 2800×3200×1700mm
Motor Power 0.75KW to 22Kw
Net Weight (N.W.) 550Kgs to 18000kgs

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