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Why is hydraulic oil temperature too high in hydraulic cutting machine?

Hydraulic cutting machine users know: Hydraulic cutting machine used in the process may appear high oil temperature occurs in the hydraulic cutting machine.

According to years of Gerson production experience, summed up the main reason leading to this phenomenon are the following:

1, The fuel tank capacity is too small, there is not enough space area can achieve good cooling effect.
2, The use of cooler effect is not good (some donot use cooler ),which can not dissipate heat effectively.
3, The pump discharge is too large, resulting in excess hydraulic oil through the relief valve into the return pipe, causing the system pressure loss caused by heat.
4, The system unloading circuit means bad, unloading valves did not achieve normal operation, the hydraulic oil to the tank overflow leading to rising oil.
5, The working pressure of the hydraulic system fails, adjust the pressure higher than the actual pressure.
6, Poor quality hydraulic components, mechanical abrasion during movement of large components to drive the hydraulic oil temperature.
7, The hydraulic oil is not according to the standard selection, select the temperature rise caused by improper.

Solution option:

1.You can replace the hydraulic oil, high viscosity.
2.Using water-cooled tank  plus cooling water let oil cooling.
3.There are emergency method, using high-power fan forced circulation cooling.
Note: The small details also make oil becomes high.
Working cutting pressure is not too high if you could diecut out the pieces.
Be sure to wash clean the filter!!

The above points is for you to organize the appearance of the hydraulic system causes of high oil analysis as a reference.Hope any user have some help. Hydraulic system determines the performance of hydraulic die cutting machine. The user have to learn to use a hydraulic cutting press, know simple hydraulic cutting machine troubleshooting method, only a clear understanding will be better for maintenance work.